What is network-attached storage (NAS) and why it is important ? [Sponsored]

When looking for network file storage solutions, many people prefer to attach an extra hard drive to their computer networks instead of investing on a devoted file server. This is often a workable solution for many network administrators. However, several factors make devoted servers suitable for certain networks.


A storage device attached to a computer network can be used for various functions. Attached storage devices are usually external hard drives fixed on a network device such as a laptop or desktop. All the other users have to do to access the storage device is to link up to the device, map the extra drive, and use it to store their files.
By comparison, a file server is a devoted storage system that is independent of the network and does not necessarily use any extra host device.


One of the most important things to consider when choosing between a file server and an attached storage system is security. File servers allow their users to access, view, and modify files, but prevent them from accessing other users’ files. On the contrary, attached file storage systems have less user-to-user security. Any user with authorization to access the host computer can easily access stored files on the device.

Direct Access

Devoted file servers allow network users to access files directly. With devoted file servers, several users can access, modify, and delete files from their machine simultaneously. File servers have been made to specifically store applications and files, whereas an attached file storage system is exclusively designed to store only files.

Network Attached Storage Device

This is a computer information storage that links up to your computer network and provides users with data access. NAS often features hard disk storage that comprises of a multi-disk RAID system. RAID (redundant array of independent disk) stores data in separate places on various hard disks.NAS can map and configure file locations for the network-attached machines.


NAS operates as self-reliant computer linked up to a network. It often comes with a wide range of applications and operating system. Since NAS does its own file serving, it boosts performance.


NAS is an effective network storage device because it has at least one hard disk. It provides central storage for all files and computer applications on a network and can store significant amounts of data.
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