How Social Media help in Promoting the Business

Social Media Networks are the most visited among actively developing Internet resources. The Number of users and their direct participants in communication grows in geometric progression, reaching hundreds of millions of people on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,, Classmates, World Mile, etc. Interactive multiplayer portals, the content of which is filled by the members of the network, expanded the scope of the standard Web resources, becoming the basis for the formation of a new society.

The increase of active Internet audience has attracted the attention of specialists of marketing sphere.
A lot of people are creating their businesses (paper writing service,online store etc.) right in the networks.Professional PR-agencies began talking about the possibilities and prospects of social media, which prompted the public to perceive the virtual social resources as a launchpad for effective advertising and marketing campaigns.

The role of social media networks for business development

Mobile computers, digital communication tools, and social networks have become an important part of everyday life in modern society. The overwhelming number of people of the middle age category (20 to 50 years), which are the main consumers of most goods and services, consider digital technologies to be important (often an integral) part of their daily activities, and leisure. Receiving and transmitting through a global network large volumes of information, they seek out the necessary information, discuss events, work, play, communicate and make purchases.
According to the current trends, half of the users of social networks is ready to take a decision on the filling the order and / or purchasing something on the basis of information obtained from social resources.

According to the research conducted on the initiative of Research In Motion, about 70% of the interviewed representatives of the companies agreed that they were technological tools (including the means of social communication online) that helped them to establish trusting relationships with customers and partners.
Marketers believe that interactive multiplayer resources provide companies with a good chance of successful development and operation.
The advantages and opportunities offered by social networking
The presence of corporate representation in WWW space is an evident aspect of a successful business. As practice shows, the existence of Websites is not enough. Very often, blogs, thematic communities, forums, etc. are more important in the eyes of potential customers, and provide the company with additional features.
According to experts, interactive social media have long ceased to be a means of simple messaging and are gradually becoming a platform combining users' interests, preferences, needs.

Maintaining a corporate page on the social networking site allows you to:

  1.  Position the company in the public understanding;
  2. Strengthen the company's position (its products) on the market;
  3. Improve communication with the target audience;
  4. Promote the brand (product, service);
  5. Promptly inform interested users;
  6. Conduct advertising and marketing campaigns;
  7. Analyze demand by assessing quantitative indicators (attendance, citation), and opinions;
  8. Ensure interoperability within the corporate group.
According to the common position of the Internet audience, the information offered on the site, is not believed to be reliable, as its author or the company must present themselves to the consumer most effectively. At the same time, similar information posted on the pages of the blog or forum indulges in more success and confidence. The explanation for this lies in the fact that the social content portals can be filled and discussed by the users themselves. Consequently, they become direct, active participants in the process.

By increasing the company's presence in social networks, the communication with the customers surges.This has achieved the desired results in the business because it is not limited to the standard advertising. All actions and activities should be carefully considered, clearly targeted at the users of a particular social network.

Tools for business development in the social space

According to the studies of the leading marketing agencies in the world, we get to know about how social networks are helping to develop the businesses. The following points contribute to successful outcomes:
  1. The abilities of the targeting and the division into segments (groups, divided according to the interests so on.);
  2. A simultaneous coverage of the large number of potential users and stakeholders (from tens to thousands or more);
  3. A possibility to present any possible content (text, graphics, video, audio, etc.);
  4. Availability of materials for the target audience (regardless of time and location);
  5. The high speed of information sharing;
  6. Availability of customer feedback (discussions, the opportunity to express an opinion, leave a comment, send a message, etc.).
The main instruments of the development of business in social networks, in addition to direct blogging (groups, podcast, forum, other) are viral advertising, organizing and conducting online-activities like relevant discussions, conferences, monitoring of public opinion and so on.

PR on the Internet, optimization for the social media and promotion in social networks (SMO, SMM) - all these relate to the elements of the functioning of the company in the social Web space.

For successful business problems solving through a global network, it is important to make the right choice of the online site that has:

  1. Essential features;
  2. High traffic;
  3. The presence of the potentially interested audience;
  4. Similar (corresponding) content themes.

By submitting information, you must remember that it must be relevant, interesting and useful to the consumer. In this case, the company will be able to create, maintain a positive reputation and, as a result, to achieve greater success in business, at the expense of quality positioning in the eyes of the consumer.

Results and Prospects

More than half of today's businesses use access to social networks in order to achieve sales growth and strengthening market position, promoting goods and services, etc. The number of companies has turned to social media, it is growing steadily.

Along with the use of social networks to expand and retain the customer base, the new direction of business development through the electronic society became extremely popular – this is - the active creation of internal corporate information systems that actively socialize and ensure successful cooperation team of the company.

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