Printing Technology - Silicone Coated Tapes [Review]

With everyday changing technology, printing techniques have also changed. If you can remember, we used to have dot matrix printers, than we shifted to inkjet ones, and these days laserjet printers. Behind every technology there is a power factor, that runs the whole system.When many people think of tape, they think of the ordinary rolls of tape found in many stores. Those working in printing industries and similar industries know that those tapes cannot withstand the heat that presses and other types of equipment release.

Even tapes coated in other materials may fail to withstand the pressure and heat exerted by those machines. PTFE silicone coated tapes are perfect for use in other areas where ordinary tape cannot work.

Works in Higher Temperatures

Printing presses can reach temperatures as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit. As the warm heat moves from inside the press, that heat can affect those standing nearby, but the heat also affects the internal components of the printing press. This causes the tape used on the machinery to melt. Once the temperatures drop, the tape can affix itself back to the machine. If the tape moves or slips, it may not sit in the exact spot it did before, which can lead to major problems or even the equipment malfunctioning. Silicone coated tape is safe for use in temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stop Products from Sticking

Silicone coated tape is also suitable for use in other machines and equipment, including rollers and heat transfer presses. A heat transfer press uses a high temperature to essentially press or print a design on a finished piece of fabric or another material. Some companies still rely on old-fashioned rollers that allow them to roll a design on the fabric. They sometimes use a screen, which has the finished print or design on the front, and they place dye or paint on top and roll across the screen to print the pattern on the object. Silicone tape allows them to hold the equipment or tools in place to prevent sticking.

Belt-Co and similar websites make shopping for silicone coated tapes and films easy. As long as you know the type of film or tape that you need, you can add those items to your virtual shopping basket and check out in mere minutes.
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