HyperOptic : 1Gbps UK Home and Business Fibre Optic Broadband Provider [Review]

Hyperoptic is a fibre-based Internet Service Provider (ISP), based in West London. Hyperoptic is the first company in the UK which deployed gigabit services.

                  In the month of July of year 2012, Hyperoptic was awarded winner of the category for Best New ISP by Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA). Again in October 2012, at at the 2012 NextGen Challenge Awards, Hyperoptic was awarded Best Urban Network Enterprise.

                  While launching the 1GBps broadband for London, the ISP said,“This will allow residents to work from home at speeds normally only available to the select few in the workplace, increasing productivity and reducing commuting”. Further in 2013, Hyperoptic planned to enlarge it's service area, besides London.

1Gbps Connectivity

The ISP says that it can provide a uploading and downloading speed of 1GBps, by running fibre directly to the premise (FTTP). Speaking about the myths in the market that the Fibre Optic broadband network is really costly affair, and is not for home use, the ISP said that,“Our pricing shows that the power of tomorrow can be delivered at a competitive and affordable rate,” she added. “This really is the driving force behind Hyperoptic and we’re thrilled to be the first to bringing this exciting proposition to market.”

Existing Networks

The existing copper network is really outdated, infact experts say that it was not designed for data transfer and thus it can’t keep up with the demands of new consumer technologies. With the change in work culture, our daily requirements have also changed. Many a times in the day, we feel that our existing network is slow, and quite a few times, we really get fed up of it. So, yes modern customers are looking for something new, and as HyperOptic claims, it could be a boon.

Why Choose HyperOptic ?

Now the question arises, when there are so many other broadband providers, why to choose HyperOptic ? This is a obvious question, and being a modern and thoughtful consumer one must go to it's roots.
         Well, this ISP called HyperOptic does not have copper network that is to be protected, so their first goal is deploy fibre based network designed specifically for broadband and other data services. And this is the real positive point on their side, as they wont be having extra maintenance charges, like many other ISP's, which are ultimately incurred from customers. So, i personally feel that HyperOptic can be a worth option for consumers.


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