It's More than Gun Safety, It's Gun Longevity

It's More than Gun Safety, It's Gun Longevity
Your firearms are too expensive to let sit in a location unprotected from the elements of nature and life in general. During travel, rifles and pistols could jostle around within current containers and become damaged and/or scratched reducing the value of these beautiful pieces of human ingenuity. If the damage is great enough, it may also cause the firearm to become inoperable. This could cost you a great deal of money in repairs.
Of course you may not have that problem if you used containers such as Pelican gun cases.

If you're a collector, you want to keep your firearms in mint condition for both display and efficient firing capacities. A case that is secure and specifically designed for your collector's item may keep it protected from various accidents or simple movement from one location to another. If a specifically designed case does not exist for your firearm, you can cut out your own shapes by using solid polyurethane foam and tracing the details of your specific firearm. This provides you with a method to customize your own carrying case complete with customized places for various attachments and ammunition you may wish to include in the entire container.

Not only does this case provide security for your firearm, it may be a safer method of storing your gun rather than using a glass gun case that can be broken. Adding locks to the case can keep young hands away from the firearm while providing you with a method of protection and security. Find a perfect case for your gun today and keep your investment safe from damage and accessibility.
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