Will you buy an Apple iPad Mini for $329 ? [POLL]

Will you buy an Apple iPad Mini for $329 ? [POLL]
The much talked about mini version of Apple iPad has finally come to us. The latest innovation from the house of Apple is again in front of us to amaze us with it's sleek looks and awesome features.

As we all know, Apple was expected to launch a shrunken version of their iPad, to compete with the other tablets in market like that of Google Nexus and kindle, that cost less to the pocket of customers and are no less in features. So, to keep their hold in the tablet market, especially for the low budget customers, which obviously is a real big number, Apple on Tuesday 22 Oct launched the all new iPad Mini. It's not only smaller in size from the original version but have been completely redesigned with a 7.2mm aluminum shell, and a 7.9-inch display with a 1024 x 768 resolution.

This version of Apple iPad called as iPad Mini can be ordered from Friday onward.

Readers please note that in case you don't know, the Wi-Fi version is yet to come on 2nd of November. As the wait is not too long, i would suggest you to wait for sometime, to get your hands on iPad Mini.

Prices: Now the market price of Apple iPad Mini is something, we can easily expect. Though this iPad mini is the cheapest version of iPad ever manufactured, but still it costs $329 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version, which is far high from the price of other Tablets of same size available in the market like Google Nexus is just for $ 199. But if you are an Apple fan, ofcourse cost wont be the consideration.

Alright, Apple fan or not Fan, all we know here is that the competition in market is till neck, and it's just not easy for any company to stack up against competitors.

Let everyone know, whether you would like to buy Apple iPad Mini for $329 in the poll below. And you can comment if you have any other related informnation.

Will you buy an Apple iPad Mini ?

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