Samsung To Appeal for $1 Billion Damages Payment To Apple

Samsung To Appeal for $1 Billion Damages Payment To AppleFew days back after judgement came on the Apple versus Samsung feud, almost every player of the industry have expressed what they felt about this. The search giant Google too speaks out on the Apple-Samsung issue and made their opinion public in a press conference. Though Google didn't said anything against judgement, and was not taking the side of Samsung but it made clear that Google is in favor of openness and said that all players in the industry use ideas that have been around “for decades”.

The jury in San Jose, California ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1.05bn (£665m) in damages as Samsung found guilty for infringing the patents of Apple. But what Samsung did in response to this judgement caught the eyes of the not only the tech industry but the whole world. Samsung Paid Apple $1 Billion Sending 30 Trucks Full of 5 Cents Coins. Apple, however, said it applauded the court "for finding Samsung's behaviour wilful and for sending a loud and clear message that stealing isn't right".It's not ended yet, Apple was bit stuck with such a large number of coins.

And now Samsung is said to appeal for $1 Billion Damages Payment To Apple as reported by BBC News few days ago. Apple and Samsung are worlds best selling smartphones manufacturers, but a US Court have given it's decision that the Korean Giant Samsung has stolen the design of the Apple iPhone and iPad to make it's smartphones and tablets. Few weeks before the above said judgement came, a south korean court ruled out that both the companies have copied each other, whereas a British court have thrown away the claim of Apple that Samsung had copied it's designs.

Experts say that the judgement of the US Court is the biggest damage penalty ever ordered for the intellectual rights infringement. The jury that gave the decision of this case was having 9 members, and it has considered 700 questions, finally rejecting Samsung pleas and accepting the allegations made by Apple.

In return, Samsung have demanded a reasonable royalty rate for five [(5)] patents that it claims Apple have infringed of which two belong to the ability of the phone to use the 3G technology. Thus, the war has not ended yet, Samsung have decided to fight back. More this fight would be stretched, harder would be the rules coming out against the accused of the intellectual right infringes.

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