Google Voice Search added support for 13 New Languages

Google Voice Search added in 13 New LanguagesGoogle Voice Search, in initiative by the Search giant Google that lets you search your query by just speaking into your phone without the need of typing using the keypad have got another major update from the search team. As we know that google have made the information throughout the world at our fingertips, that we can just access with a few clicks on our phones, tablets or laptops. But in situations like when we are walking in a park with a friend, it's pretty uneasy to type your search queries, so what we have to do is just speak your search query and you are done. Google will recognize your voice and will provide you the search results.

Now the fact is you might not be a native of English speaking country therefore your accent could be different that google can recognize. With the passage of time Google had added billions of words pronunciations to make their users experience better and easy. With the addition of latest 13 international languages, google voice search now supports 42 different languages.

The languages that have been added recently are as follows, see whether your native language comes in the list or not.
♣ Basque ♣ Bulgarian
♣ Catalan ♣ European Portuguese
♣ Finnish ♣ Galician
♣ Hungarian ♣ Icelandic
♣ Norwegian ♣Romanian
♣ Serbian ♣ Slovak
♣ Swedish

Google blogs have stated that the updates has been rolled out and if your phone runs android 2.2 or later version and you see the microphone widget on your screen you can use it right away. Otherwise you can just download the application from the google play.

   Note: You can speak only one language into your phone for search. For changing the language of preference that you would like Google to recognize you would need to change the language preferences.

Google Voice Search Application for your Android Phone

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