Will Facebook be growing or Is It the fall of another Social Network? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Well GeekUpd8 have always been fascinated about Infographics, and thus we share them with our readers from reliable sources. Recently we were contacted by some sources that they have infographic regarding the facebook and they would like us to publish it, We analysed it and found really smart piece of work. Have a look at the infographic below and enjoy..

   Do you know ?

☺ You being a facebook user view 798 pages on facebook website per month
☻ In every 5 online minutes (overall), 1 minute is spent on Facebook
☺ You (single facebook user) helped facebook gain $4.34 in 2011, totaling a revenue of 3.7 Billion USD.
☻ A full page layout advertisement on facebook logout page, costs $ 700,000 per day.
☺ And 55% of the virtual goods sold online are on Facebook

Take a deep look into this Infographic for more detailed information about facebook. You'll find why General Motors took off their advertisemnt from Facebook; Where does 12% of Facebook revenue comes from; Details about the Facebook IPO story and major reason behind the failure of facebook IPO and much more

Will Facebook keep growing or It the fall of another Social Network ? [INFOGRAPHIC]The source of this great piece of work is: onlinegraduateprograms.com.
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