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These days, it seems like all of us are constantly glued to our phones or our other electronic devices. Research shows that the majority of people check their phones the second they wake up in the morning and sleep with their phones right next to them. That should be alarming, but since most of us are so incredibly tech-dependent, we mostly just accept it as a reality of everyday life.

More than a fifth of the world’s population today is using social media. If you have products to sell online, it is imperative to include this group of people in your campaign. Prudence demands that you use all social media platforms to reach as many people as possible. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, thousands of potential clients are waiting on the other side of the screen for you to entice them to buy your products. You have to reach out to them before your competitors do.

Facebook shares are as crucial as any backlink for increasing your website competitiveness. Just like backlinks, some shares carry more weight than the others. You need to track your Facebook shares so that you can know if your followers are increasing or diminishing; which posts excites them more, the best time to post, and such crucial metrics. Such information can be used to improve your Facebook campaign and so increase traffic to your website.

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