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Project planning is part of project management, which relates to the use of schedules such as Gantt charts to plan and subsequently report progress within the project environment. Project planning is often used to organize different areas of a project, including project plans, work loads and the management of teams and individuals.

What you read above sounds complex ? Well Yes, it is and even if you understand it, mind it, it is not that easy to implement. Starting a project needs long period of planning. But what are the actual ingredients for project planning ?

Computers have changed the way the world works, whereas the internet has ensured everything stays connected and has changed the way businesses operate. But even though business owners harness computers for various means, there are likely tons of other ways you can use them to benefit your business and increase productivity too. Computers can be quite delicate and susceptible, but the best businessmen are marked by their ability to always get the most out of not only their employees, but there equipment too.

Internet has literally changed the way we live our lives. Businesses operate online, in a virtual space. Each day you’ll check the news, facebook, twitter, the list goes on. You’ll do this online. Without the internet our lives would be totally different, as would the whole world. It has connected us all like nothing has ever before. However, with all of its power and world changing ability, it has also become quite dangerous.

Defining Startup

Startup Starting a new business not only needs new ideas, inspiration, research, concept, vision, creativity, but it also requires courage. Courage to fight all demons that stop us from making our dream come true. As you know, every big company that exists today, was a startup in it's early days. The people behind these big companies have struggled a lot to make their vision into reality and now they are where you can see them.

Our Info partner, Kira Hanson send us another email yesterday. This time, it was a info graphic related to Startups. As always, whatever she sends is a masterpiece and a well researched and exhibited document. So, without giving a second thought, our founder Puneet Batish Adv, gave a green flag for publishing this on our Tech Channel.

Define Startup:

1. The act or fact of starting something; a setting in motion.
2. A new business venture, or a new commercial or industrial project
3. Of or relating to the beginning of such a venture, especially to an investment made to initiate it.

So, here's the infographic, which would help you know, what the big players of today had in their minds, when they were in your shoes, which made them successful, because without vision and courage, no one can achieve it's goal.

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