20 December, 2015

How to choose a Meter for your specific needs [Review]

You might be in a profession where the accuracy of the meters you use can have a huge impact on your level of production and the money you make. If this is the case, you need to be certain that you only spend your money on the finest meters on the market.

However, there are many meters currently available. The selection is seemingly endless. How do you possibly decide which brand of meter is the best to buy for your specific needs?

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18 November, 2015

Rolling out Australia's National Broadband Network [Infographic]

Rolling out Australia's National Broadband Network [NBN]
National Broadband Network is a high speed network designed to reach all Australian premises with a combination of fibre, fixed wireless and satellite. Have a look at the detailed info graphic and enjoy.

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16 October, 2015

Evolution of Mobiles [Infographic]

Evolution of Mobile Phones - See how they were in 1970's and how they are today. There are lot of changes in mobile phones ever since then that have been fabulously depicted in the infographic. Have a look and enjoy.

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12 July, 2015

Printing Technology - Silicone Coated Tapes [Review]

With everyday changing technology, printing techniques have also changed. If you can remember, we used to have dot matrix printers, than we shifted to inkjet ones, and these days laserjet printers. Behind every technology there is a power factor, that runs the whole system.When many people think of tape, they think of the ordinary rolls of tape found in many stores. Those working in printing industries and similar industries know that those tapes cannot withstand the heat that presses and other types of equipment release.

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31 May, 2015

How Online Shopping can help you with your office needs

With the advancement in modern technology, the e-commerce websites have shown a considerable growth. Today a large number of people prefer to buy products they require through online shopping. Things like mobiles, laptops, tablets, anything you say is there. But there might be some products you may not find on all sites. This is where our tutorial would help you.

              For students of science or researchers who need to work in laboratories, it is hard to find lab equipment. But what if you can order them from your home.

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09 May, 2015

Technology for keeping Businesses Safe [Review]

With the advancement of technology, online businesses are flourishing really well, but along with that they are also facing many issues. One such major issue is online safety.Apart from that other issues involve safety of premises and goods. When it comes to safety one have to be very peculiar, so that under no conditions the safety is compromised.

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30 August, 2014

It's More than Gun Safety, It's Gun Longevity

It's More than Gun Safety, It's Gun Longevity
Your firearms are too expensive to let sit in a location unprotected from the elements of nature and life in general. During travel, rifles and pistols could jostle around within current containers and become damaged and/or scratched reducing the value of these beautiful pieces of human ingenuity. If the damage is great enough, it may also cause the firearm to become inoperable. This could cost you a great deal of money in repairs.

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30 April, 2014

HyperOptic : 1Gbps UK Home and Business Fibre Optic Broadband Provider [Review]

Hyperoptic is a fibre-based Internet Service Provider (ISP), based in West London. Hyperoptic is the first company in the UK which deployed gigabit services.

                  In the month of July of year 2012, Hyperoptic was awarded winner of the category for Best New ISP by Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA). Again in October 2012, at at the 2012 NextGen Challenge Awards, Hyperoptic was awarded Best Urban Network Enterprise.

                  While launching the 1GBps broadband for London, the ISP said,“This will allow residents to work from home at speeds normally only available to the select few in the workplace, increasing productivity and reducing commuting”. Further in 2013, Hyperoptic planned to enlarge it's service area, besides London.

1Gbps Connectivity

The ISP says that it can provide a uploading and downloading speed of 1GBps, by running fibre directly to the premise (FTTP). Speaking about the myths in the market that the Fibre Optic broadband network is really costly affair, and is not for home use, the ISP said that,“Our pricing shows that the power of tomorrow can be delivered at a competitive and affordable rate,” she added. “This really is the driving force behind Hyperoptic and we’re thrilled to be the first to bringing this exciting proposition to market.”

Existing Networks

The existing copper network is really outdated, infact experts say that it was not designed for data transfer and thus it can’t keep up with the demands of new consumer technologies. With the change in work culture, our daily requirements have also changed. Many a times in the day, we feel that our existing network is slow, and quite a few times, we really get fed up of it. So, yes modern customers are looking for something new, and as HyperOptic claims, it could be a boon.

Why Choose HyperOptic ?

Now the question arises, when there are so many other broadband providers, why to choose HyperOptic ? This is a obvious question, and being a modern and thoughtful consumer one must go to it's roots.
         Well, this ISP called HyperOptic does not have copper network that is to be protected, so their first goal is deploy fibre based network designed specifically for broadband and other data services. And this is the real positive point on their side, as they wont be having extra maintenance charges, like many other ISP's, which are ultimately incurred from customers. So, i personally feel that HyperOptic can be a worth option for consumers.


In case, you feel any feedback, please do mention below in the comment box, you can stay anonymous in case you dont want to disclose your identity and if you have an query, you can ask that too.

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28 March, 2014

Carry TravelCard, New age Phone Charger in your Wallet [Review]

Now you might be thinking what's this new TravelCard. Though it sounds interesting, that now you can carry your phone charge in your wallet, but since such thing has never been seen before, you might not believe it. Now what exactly TravelCard is. It's a breakthrough credit card sized charger for iPhone and Android phones. When you carry this with you, you're actually carrying 5 hours of talk time in your wallet or  4.5 hours of Internet usage or 98 hours of standby time.

It's a known fact, that iPhone and android smartphones use a lot of resources and consume a lot of battery. The applications that keep running in the background, are the main cause of this consumption of battery. Though we can manage the background running applications but still we cannot minimize the battery consumption to such a level, that these smart phones don't need charging at the end of day.

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27 February, 2014

Watch Free Mobile TV Channels LIVE + 86 2G TV Channels List

As we have been talking before, today it's possible to view almost any TV Channel on mobile or pc. The reason for the updation is that we have found TV channels that work according to your network speed and according to your mobile platform. What we mean is if your mobile network speed is slow, you can view the TV Channels that support 2G network (eg. TRY this Channel - UTV Stars 2G ), but if you are on a high speed mobile network, you can switch to 3G TV Channels (eg. Try - Bollywood Movies) and can have better experience. All in all, both these categories of channels work really well on the pc, so you can try any of these on your laptop/pc.
Watch Free LIVE TV on Mobile + TV Channels List 100% Working TrickAnd what we meant when we said mobile platform compatible tv channel links is that you'll be free-to-view mobile tv links as they works on almost all phones including iPhone, iPad, android, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, LG, Blackberry, Windows LCD, and 3G networks that support video streaming. These links are not network operator specific, so doesn't matters on what network you are, whether it be airtel, aircel, bsnl, mtnl, vodafone, hutch, virgin mobile, orange, sprint, at&t or just any other, you'll be able to watch free live tv channels on mobile. There is No App Download required, all you need to do is just click these free tv channel links to play the latest live TV channels on your phone or pc and enjoy free video and music streaming.

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For easy access of this Free TV Channels list :

2G Network supporting free TV Channel links
2G Network supporting free TV Channel Links
No Subscription. No pay-per-view. No recurring fees
Just Activate Unlimited Data Plan from your Network Operator and you are ready to go.

1. Aaj Tak - 2G

2.CNBC - 2G

3. NDTV - 2G

4. UTV Movies -2G

5.UTV Stars - 2G
3G Network supporting Free TV channel links
3G Network supporting free TV Channel Links
3G high Quality Streaming rstp Links for all Channels. You can watch them anywhere and anytime.
Working with all 3G iPhone, Portable Devices, Handhelds, palmtops, cellphones, PDAs, pocket organizers, Ipad,Tablet and all other Devices.

Are you a TV geek :p I mean, do you like watching TV ? Actually half of the world population love watching TV. So in case you lie in that part of world, just feel great, cause what you are going to read now, will make you much more closer to your favorite shows, movies, channels and TV ofcourse. You will be able to watch TV channels on your mobile, that too without paying even a single penny. And for that all you need is a mobile and a data plan, preferably unlimited data plan, because watching TV takes lots of MB's from your data plan. So in case you already have this stuff, we are ready to go for it.

So folks, now for getting the thing started, just check whether you can watch youtube videos on your phone, cause there are many phones in market these days, that look like smartphones but actually that are not that smart :p yes i mean it, they are dumb phones :D my friend owns such a phone, when she was applying this trick. So basic thing is that you should be able to watch youtube videos on it. To check this out, you can simply go to m.youtube.com or you can click this link.

Now that you know that you actually own a smartphone :) get an unlimited data plan and you'll be all set for the ride. Ok lemme now tell you that not only symbian, android, windows or blackberry users, but the java enabled phones users too can get benefit from this trick, which is basically a method that is hard to find otherwise.

   Note: In case you are want the trick on your pc/mac/linux you can download Real Player or VLC player, both are good and support video streaming on 2g as well as 3g networks. Still we recommend VLC player, rest is upon you.

   How-To : Now you have to follow some basic steps that might look bit geeky to some users, so here are full details to make it easy.

1. Go to your phone network settings and create an access point there, with following details in it. In case you can use access point that doesn't needs proxy that will be great.
Connection name - G8 Free Live TV
Data Bearer - Packet Data (general)
Access point name - rcomwap (for reliance gsm users)
Advance setting >proxy address - (for reliance gsm users)
Proxy port - 8080
Homepage - http://www.geekupd8.com (general)

2. Now that your phone is ready to talk to your network provider, you need to make your media player adapt to your new settings so that you can watch TV.

For Nokia Users:
Go to Realplayer/Media player Connection Settings.
Use Proxy : No
Default access point : G8 Free Live TV
Online Time - Unlimited
Lowest UDP port - 6970
Highest UDP port - 30000

3. Now this is the last step and you are all set for experiencing the Mobile TV :)Free TV Channels ListWe are giving you following list of URL's that you can use to view different TV channels, by navigating to the said addresses in your mobile phone browsers.

1. 24x7 NEWS Channel

2. AajTak

3. BBC Live Channel

4. CNBC NEWS Channel

5. IBN7 NEWS Channel

6. NDTV NEWS Channel

7. MTV

8. Colors

9. Live Kirtan from Shri Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar
mms://sgpc.net/live (Supported by Window Media Player)

10. Star Plus

11. SAB TV


13. STAR ONE Channel


15. Fashion TV (a.k.a FTV)

16. Cartoon Network [Working]
On 3rd of September at about 10:00 PM, we were again testing few other free tv channels that could work on mobile phones without any discrimination of their operating system whether it be a java based phone or a Symbian or an Android, blackberry or iPhone, so that we can update our list of Free Live TV Channels. While testing we found few more tv channels which you can view on your phone freely. We are mentioning again that you should get an unlimited data plan for viewing TV on your phone, otherwise with a limited data plan you may end up in heavy charges incurred by your network operator. So, just enjoy these new channels with your MobileTV.
17. AsiaNet NEWS Channel

18. CNN NEWS Channel

19. Movie Channel I

20. Movie Channel II

21. Movie Channel III

22. NDTV NEWS Channel

23. NEWS Channel

24. Radio BBC

25. Radio Bengali

26. Radio Bhojpuri Songs

27. Radio Popular English Songs

28. Radio Hindi Oldies

29. Radio Bhagti Songs

30. Radio Bollywood Hits
One of our reader, have send us a list of TV Channels today that is 3rd of October, 2012 telling that these channels have been working for him. We would like to thank Mr.Vishal Sachdeva from Pune for sharing such a nice piece of information with the readers of Geek Upd8. This list of channels have been further tested by one of our blog author and have been found working. In case, you find any channel not working for you, please let us know. Geek Upd8 authors love to work with our readers and solve their problems.
31. UTV Live NEWS Channel

32. Most Popular Videos Channel (Viz. Famous TV shows Ramayana etc, Matches etc.)

33. SunTV NEWS Channel

34. UTV Bloomberg

35. UTV Movies

36. UTV Bindass

37. UK Country Radio.Com (Supported by Window Media Player)

38. Headlines Today



41. ET NOW Channel

42. GODTV Channel One

43. JAI HIND TV Channel

44. JEEVAN TV Channel

45. MAA TV Channel

46. NDTV PROFIT Channel

47. Animal Planet



50. BANGLA Channel

51. INDIA VISION Channel

52. JAYA PLUS Channel

53. KAIRALI TV Channel


55. RAJ TV Channel
And today, it's November 17th 2012 and again we have got some new tv channels that passed our testing and thus we are adding them up in our list. It is really a wonderful experience to watch the TV Channels from the comfort of our Mobile phones or our pc/laptop screens, especially when we don't have to pay anything from our pocket, except for the normal internet data that we are using. So, here are few more TV Channels for you to enjoy on your GPRS enabled mobiles or laptops.
56. STAR ANANDA Channel

57. STAR NEWS Channel

58. TIMES NOW Channel

59. ZOOM TV Channel

60. CNBC TV18 Channel

61. STAR MAJHA Channel


63. SAKSHI TV Channel

64. TV9 KANNADA Channel

65. TV9 TELUGU Channel

66. Bollywood Movies

67. V Channel


69. Disney English

70. TV9 GUJARATI Channel

71. TV9 MUMBAI Channel


73. Punjabi Channel Chardikala Time TV



76. Darshan TV
And with the passage of time, we'll keep posting more TV channel links that can work on your mobile, of course for free. So it will be good idea to bookmark this page. And now enjoy your favorite tv channel :)

   Please note that for viewing the TV Channels, we recommend Core-player application for your mobile/smartphones. You can download this software for your phone below:

Core Player S60 V2 Version
Eg: Nokia 3230, 6260, 6600, 6620, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, N90, N70, N72 etc.
Core Player S60 3rd Version
Eg: 5320,6220,6210,6124,6650,5630,6730,6700 etc.
Windows Mobile version
Core Player for Android Mobiles

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Professional Powerpoint Presentation Solutions Available Online [Review]

Modern office workers need to be familiar with the most recent technology that is used to make presentations to other fellow employees or potential business partners. Powerpoint presentations are standard tools used to show reports and other information to professionals in any industry. However, workers need to stay up to date with the latest features that are included in powerpoint presentation packages. For example, some of the latest editions of powerpoint software may support new video and multimedia formats that can be very effective at showing movies and other content. Similarly, powerpoint programs may be compatible with mobile apps that make it possible to control presentations through smartphones.

Professional Powerpoint Presentation Solutions Available Online

Office workers need to master all of the display features of a presentation software. Graphs, charts and other data reports are often updated and modified in order to create clear and concise powerpoint presentations in a business setting. Office workers can receive training on using the latest versions of powerpoint programs. Seminars can be held in order to teach users about the new features that can be taken advantage of during official presentations in conference rooms. The website eSlide.com is an example of a company that offers training on various powerpoint presentations. Additionally, some companies may be able to actually take on the task of developing custom presentations based on specific data and content. Such a company simply takes text and visual information and then neatly organizes it into a professional flow of slides that show a convincing presentation for professional viewers.

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